Hiking in the Livradois-Forez

The Livradois Forez Regional Natural Park is a hilly landscape with vast green fields, old volcanoes, medieval castles, picturesque villages and varied forests. The nature in the area has so much beauty! That is why owners of three chambres d'hôtes offer a 10-day hiking package so that you can optimally experience nature in different parts of the park.

Participants in 2023 said about this;
“We enjoyed our hiking package in the Auvergne! We can recommend this trip to everyone. The combination of different chambre d'hôtes makes it a lot of fun.”

10 day Hiking holiday

…a stream ripples under a stone bridge that is no more than a large stone and only just makes it across. You walk up the old stone stairs and venture over the stone. The meadows stretch out in front of you and you continue the path under the trees. A large bird hovers above you, is it a red kite? Or a buzzard?

Welcome in the region of Olliergues

From the meanders of the Dore to the slopes covered in forest and meadows to the barren ridges. The Pays d'Olliergues will delight you with the diversity of its landscapes.
Whether you're lazing by the waterside or watching the sun set over the mountains, make the most of every moment in this area.
Whether you're looking for a family walk (Les Chelles, Col du Beal) or a more demanding hike (Peyre-Mayou), there's something for everyone.


Walks and hikes

At least 10 hiking trails in our area!
From 1.5 hours (4.8km) to 5 hours (14.7km)
Height differences in the routes are between 156 and 649 metres
Maximum altitude is 1533 metres -Col du Beal (routes 6 & 10)

On the Livradois-Forez Rando app, there are no less than 322 routes!


On your mobile phone

All routes can be found on the dedicated Livradois-Forez application. Very user-friendly!

Stay in three chambres d'hôtes

You walk in the departments of Puy de Dôme and Haute Loire and enjoy a different atmosphere in the three chambres d'hôtes.

La Fougerai -

is an old castle farm next to the castle of Folgoux (1344) and is located in a wooded area near the village of La Chaise Dieu. The castle has a huge estate with extensive meadows. The French-international atmosphere is recognizable in the dishes and the interior. You can enjoy the sun and a drink in the guest garden or by the pool. The former hay barn is a large lounge for cozy evenings, where people eat together.
You will stay in room Afrique, decorated in African style with a king-size bed, sitting area and coffee/tea.
* Excursion tip: a swimming lake and abbey church in La Chaise Dieu.

La Vaisse -

is a farm from 1838 a stone's throw from the village of Ambert. Outside you can enjoy a lovely garden with various seating areas, a view over the valley, relax in a natural swimming pool or opt for the wood-fired hot tub filled with spring water.
La Vaisse is characterized by the art that you will find in and around the house. You can also count on refined dishes and an extensive wine list.
You will stay in Chambre Livradois with a queen-size box spring.
* Excursion tip: Large weekly market in Ambert and 14th century paper mill Richard de Bas

10 days hiking holiday in the Livradois Forez Natural Park in three chambres d'hôtes in Auvergne

A luxury double room with breakfast for three nights at each location
A packed lunch every day to take with you on the walk
A multi-course dinner every evening (excluding drinks)
Transport between the accommodations if necessary
Hiking trails tailored to your needs (level 2 and 3)
From € 825 per person (based on a double room). The order of stay is agreed in advance.

*Would you like to walk for nine days in one of the largest natural parks in France, where ultimate peace and space can be found in the rugged and varied nature?

*Are you looking for relaxation after a walking day in several chambres d'hôtes, where you can enjoy genuine hospitality, good food and a comfortable place to sleep?

Follow your heart and your feet will follow!
If you want to walk longer or shorter, please let us know.

Mary & Peter, La Fougeraie
Charles & Tarcies, La Vaisse
Robert-Jan & Ellen, La Maison du Chevalier